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Yes, my friends—the Friends and Family of Susan Powell group is mysteriously back on Facebook!  And STILL, no word from Facebook to explain this. 

I hope it is back for good and not just someone playing with us.  At any rate, I’m happy, thousands of people feel like they’ve gotten their extended family back, and Susan’s family is very happy!  Thank you all for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement as we work together across the world to find Susan!

*Note: We are working on building a dedicated website for Susan that doesn’t rely on social networks.  We will notify you as soon as it’s ready.  In the meantime, feel free to head over to Facebook and rejoice with us!

**Quick edit: Facebook finally contacted us last night to explain that the group was taken down because of “technical issues.”  We know that if someone reports a person or group on Facebook enough times, it gets pulled for review.  We believe the “troll” created several fake profiles and reported the group over and over.  At any rate, we are very relieved that Facebook did something about this, finally.


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Saturday, January 30, 2010
2:00 PST
Contact: Shelby Gifford, Cox Family Spokeswoman

SUBJECT: Friends & Family of Susan Powell Facebook Page Mysteriously Disappears

The Cox Family and administrators of the Friends & Family of Susan Powell Facebook page are asking for the social networking site’s help in restoring a page dedicated to the disappearance of missing Utah mom, Susan Powell, who was last seen December 6, 2009 in West Valley City, Utah.

The page contained information about Susan and her disappearance, and was a place where members of Facebook could come for up-to-date information about the case. “An entire database of people willing to help with searches and provide other services was deleted from Facebook as of approximately 2 PM Friday, January 29, 2010” said Shelby Gifford, family spokesperson for the Cox family and an administrator on the popular Facebook page. “Additionally, our page had over 45,000 members, all of whom can no longer see the page and who are not able to get or distribute information about Susan’s disappearance.”

The Facebook page has also been plagued by a “troll” who continues to visit the page under assumed identities, even pretending to be Susan Powell herself at one point. The Cox family and the Friends & Family of Susan Powell page administrators have made repeated complaints to Facebook and have not received a response. Susan’s father, Charles Cox, even applied online for a job with Facebook to try to get the company’s attention, but received no response. Other Facebook sites that strive to provide information about Susan have experienced similar problems.

“Obviously, our reason for using Facebook is that it can reach such a large audience quickly. This was proven in our successful Find Susan Media Blitz conducted earlier this month, during which the site grew to over 43,000 members in just a matter of days,” said James Hofheins, Social Media Coordinator for the Friends & Family of Susan Powell group. “We would like to talk with a representative from Facebook so we can remedy this problem once and for all. Their lack of response is causing great frustration among Susan’s friends, family and supporters.”

Various law enforcement agencies have been contacted with regard to threats made to the individual administrators of the Friends & Family of Susan Powell Facebook site. “We will continue to pursue those avenues as needed,” said Gifford.

NOTE: The Cox family had previously planned (but not announced) a press conference for Monday, February 1, 2010 in Puyallup, WA. THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED. When the conference is rescheduled, members of the media will be notified via an emailed press release. To add your contact information to the Cox Family media database, please send an email to Shelby@theshelbynetwork.com.

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Dear friends and supporters of Susan Cox Powell and family,

This afternoon, for reasons unknown, our Facebook group—Friends and Family of Susan Powell—disappeared.  We have never broken any rules.  We don’t allow accusations or speculation in this group.  The group had well over 44,000 members and was growing by hundreds each day.  It was a wonderful source of support, encouragement, prayers, united strength, love, and information as we all worked together across the world to find Susan.

Now it’s gone.  It appears that persons unknown have either hacked or used “inside” friends to pull the group from inside Facebook. 

We will not let this go on, and we are working very, very hard to get it back.  Nobody is going to stop us from finding Susan.

In the meantime, on a more positive note—the preparations for the Week of Service are going really well!  I had a wonderful visit today with Blazing Needles, a beautiful yarn store located on the east side of the Salt Lake valley.  If you’re in the area, check them out!  They have friendly, warm, knowledgeable staff who care deeply about Susan and are committed to helping us.  (Not to mention, a collection of beautiful, delicious, exotic yarn!)  Thank you, Blazing Needles and Cynthia, Chris, and Shelly! We are so excited to work hand-in-hand with you in the coming weeks.

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quail hydrangea pic

Photo courtesy of Sweden Studios; scrapbook image and flowers by Quail Sequim

Susan Cox Powell has been missing since December 6, 2009.  She disappeared from her home under suspicious circumstances.  We know she is somewhere and we–her friends and family–are doing everything we can to find her.

You can help!  Susan LOVES to crochet and has spent countless hours in her spare time crocheting blankets and accessories for her own sweet little boys or as gifts for neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  We want to highlight this talent Susan has by giving back.

The week of February 8-February 15 will be a Week of Service devoted to the crafting community worldwide.  We need YOU! Anyone who can crochet, knit, sew, tat, cut fleece, or any other form of crafting:

* Please send an e-mail to findsusanpowell@gmail.com with the subject line “Week of Service.”

* Check this blog every day for news, updates, and especially events: we will have several efforts worldwide this week and this will be the place to come to daily for information about these events.

* During this Week of Service, we ask anyone who can lift a needle, hook, pair of scissors, or any other craft tool to join us in making items to donate to women’s and children’s charities.  These are such important causes and Susan would be so happy to know that people the world over are crafting in her honor!

* We are especially looking for motivated individuals to join with us in organizing events in YOUR city or country.  Please e-mail findsusanpowell@gmail.com with the subject “Week of Service” if you can help with these events!

It is going to take just one tip…just one phone call to police…to find Susan and reunite her with her family and her precious little boys, who miss their mother and need her back.  Bringing awareness to Susan and her story helps find that one person in the sea of millions of people who has seen something or knows where Susan is.  Together we can find Susan!

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