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So far there has been one large-scale non-police ground search for Susan, taking place on April 10 in and around Simpson Springs in Utah’s west desert. 

The public was originally invited to participate in this search, but subsequent concerns raised by police and others resulted in search organizers closing the search to the public.  About 75 trained professionals participated in that search, including people with backgrounds in police, military, fire, and EMT training.

Now, a new search has been tentatively scheduled for the end of June, and this time the public can help—with a condition.  Volunteers with no previous experience need to attend a one-day training course taught by Chris Willden of Strategic Tactical Group.

blm map

You can find the details about what this course will cover and how to sign up here, and another article about it here

If you would like to participate in this search—either as a volunteer with the class or a trained professional—please send an email to training@strategictacticalgroup.com with the following information:

Your name
Phone number
Email address
If you need training

While Susan’s family is not organizing or endorsing these searches, they very much appreciate the kind and willing people who do so much to look for their daughter. 


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Today it’s been 5 months since Susan Cox Powell disappeared from her home under very suspicious circumstances.

If you’re new to this story, you can find details on the case in thousands of articles, videos, and websites scattered across the internet.  Some good places to look are this website dedicated to finding Susan, the many excellent articles written by Examiner.com’s Isabelle Zehnder since the beginning, the 800 links in the archive of the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group, and local Salt Lake City media outlets like KSL5, ABC4, KUTV2, FOX13, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News.

There hasn’t been a whole lot in the news the past few weeks, but a few days ago an Idaho discovery had a lot of people talking and wondering if it could be Susan.  It wasn’t, but our hearts go out to the family of Stephanie Eldridge

On Tuesday afternoon, Isabelle Zehnder with Examiner.com broke the exclusive story of a gag order on the West Valley City police department.  You can read about the reaction of Susan’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, here.

Nothing spectacular has been officially planned to mark the 5-month anniversary of Susan’s disappearance today, but many people across the world are planning to light candles in their homes and on their front porches.  You can also light a “virtual candle” here, as well—candles burn for 48 hours and you can come back and light as many as you want. 

Patty on Facebook, someone who never met Susan or her family but has been a faithful supporter for months now, said this:

“I will put mine out on the porch right now. May I ask everyone to pray at High Noon tomorrow, so we can all be praying at the same time? I love this family so much.”

Photos by Amber Hardman, Allison St. Louis, and Kiirsi Hellewell; scrapbooking by Briana Horne

Susan’s friends and family are very grateful to Susan’s past and present friends, the many thousands that have supported and encouraged us with their love and prayers, all the people who have tirelessly searched for her, and especially to the West Valley Police Department for their unrelenting hard work and dedication to finding Susan.  We believe Susan will be found—hopefully before too many more of these anniversaries pass.

Photo and art by Amber Hardman, Hardman Photography


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