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Chuck Cox posted the following on the Facebook group, Friends and Family of Susan Powell:

Nothing new to report, I was just reassured that the case is progressing. Judy and I will be on Nancy Grace’s “50 Missing Persons in 50 days”  February 18th at 9pm Eastern. It will be a one hour recap and focus. We thank Nancy, HLN, and all of the media for keeping Susan’s story out there. She will be found… there will be justice. Thank you for your prayers.

Nancy Grace’s website is here, and you can find her recap on Susan here


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Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, posted the following today on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group:

I just updated the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to announce the passing of Susan’s Grandfather, John F. Cox, January 7, 2011. The last word from the West Valley Police is that the case is progressing. We remain confident that there will be resolution and that the guilty will be held accountable. We are very grateful for the love, support and prayers of all of you. We feel your frustration, and share it, but we must continue to be hopeful, and patient. Thank you all.

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation updates can be found here.

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