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One year and six months ago today, the lives of many people were turned upside down forever.  Susan’s little boys, Charlie and Braden, did not show up to daycare.  This was extremely out of character for Susan—she was always reliable so their provider, Debbie, got worried and called Josh and Susan.  Neither one answered their phones, so she went over to their house and knocked on the door.  There were no tracks in the fresh snow leading out of their house or garage; she called the emergency contacts.  When Jennifer Graves and her mother arrived, knocked on the door, called Josh and Susan’s phones, called their work and were told “they did not come in to work today,” they called the police.

This began the nightmare all of us who know and love Susan—and those who have come to love her– have been living the past 18 months. 

The Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell” has supporters from all over the United States, Canada, and many parts of the world.  Some of them expressed their feelings about Susan this past week in support:

I did not know Susan personally, but I pray for her, her family, and all of her friends. Never lose hope

With some experience, I can say that I hate the thought of children being told that their mother deserted them. It makes me ill. I pray that justice will come to the person responsible for her situation. Just as much, I hope those boys can grow up knowing that their mother would never, ever walk out on them.

Knowing what I know of Susan, I feel like I’ve missed out on knowing an incredible woman, friend, and mother. To me, my friends are my sisters. Susan did not deserve whatever has happened to her, and her children did not deserve to lose their mother. Her parents did not deserve to lose their daughter, and so on. She has so many people that love her and miss her. So much Family, and I do mean her friends as well as blood relatives. She did not walk away from her family. She did not leave of her own volition. I do pray that the Powell’s are telling her boys about her. The Truth about her. Not the nasty evil things they want the world to believe. Justice will be served. There’s no escaping that! Susan WILL Be Found!

As the eighteenth month mark approaches, my heart breaks even more for Susan’s sons. They must be so confused to have their lives turned upside down when their mom went missing.

I continue to take a proud stand for Susan. I know without a doubt that she did not leave on her own. I know how much she loves her boys. I know how hard she worked. I know how deeply she loves God and her friends, family and even her husband.

I continue to pray that answers will be found quickly for her sons. They are young but never to young to know the truth. I believe the truth always comes out. I pray for that day so all the healing, forgiveness and repentance process can start for all who are involved.

Susan loves so many, it is a blessing that all who love her have come together to form a strong bond of Faith as they wait for the truth to come forward. I will pray with them, search with them, love with them and believe with them, along with the many wonderful people from around the world do. I am grateful for them all, as their support get me to the next day.

Charlie and Braden will know the truth one day and I will pray with all that we can put their lives in order and have them grow up to know what a wonderful mom they have.

Susan can be taken for our sight but never from our hearts and our memories. Until I see her again I will continue to stand for her, and treasure my memories of her and her sweet boys!

Susan remains in my prayers along with her family and friends. I continue to believe that the Lord will answer in His own time.

I never met Susan personally, but I feel as though I know her now. through her Friends & Family. What a group of wonderful, kind, loving people. Just like Susan. She has made me want to be a better person. I will pray for her and her boys and family always! PUSH! ♥ [One of Susan’s favorite saying…PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens]

Susan you are so Loved, I wish it was enough to bring you home. So the empty spot in our hearts could start to heal.

DEAR SUSAN , i love you my sister in Christ. If i could i would travel the world to bring you home to your boys,family and friends. I know God has you in his loving arms no matter where you are, untill we find you and bring you home we hold you in our hearts

I did not know Susan either. But, she has been in my heart, thoughts and prayers. As well as her (((children, family and friends))). I pray that all will be answered soon. May God bless you all. ✞


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