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On Thursday, September 22, Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, was arrested and charged with 14 counts of voyeurism and 1 count of child pornography. 

At the same time, police took Susan’s two little boys, Charlie and Braden, into protective custody

Friday morning Susan’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, went before a judge to request custody of their 2 grandsons.  Josh Powell has not allowed Susan’s parents to see their grandsons in over a year and a half.

Another hearing was set for this coming Wednesday.  The boys remain in protective custody at least until then.


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On Friday morning, amidst the hubbub surrounding the arrest of Steve Powell, Chuck and Judy Cox went to a court hearing to find out if a judge would permanently ban the publication of their daughter Susan Cox Powell’s journals.

The judge banned their publication.  The Coxes were very pleased with this decision, and so was the online community of those who love and care about Susan’s right to privacy of her own teenage thoughts, feelings and dreams.

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On Thursday, September 22, at about 9:30 Pacific Time, Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, was arrested.

At the same time, Josh and Susan’s two little boys, ages 4 and 6, were taken into protective custody by the police. 

Steve Powell was charged with 14 counts of voyeurism and 1 count of child pornography.  In the August 25 search of Steve Powell’s house, police seized computers and other evidence and later found that Steve had thousands of pictures and videotapes of young girls and women. Some of these little girls were his neighbors, and it appeared that he had taken them with a telephoto lens from his bedroom window looking into his neighbor’s bathroom.

Here is a statement from the Pierce County prosecuting attorney about Steve Powell’s arrest.

Other pictures were taken at parks and places frequented by kids, focusing on female body parts in the pictures and videotapes.

Currently the police have only gone through 5-10% of the pictures (about 2,000 they’ve looked at so far) and they believe Steve Powell’s “collection” spans the last 10 years.  There were also several pictures of Steve Powell’s daughter-in-law, Susan Cox Powell.  The police stated that Susan was clothed in the pictures but they appeared to be taken without her knowledge.  The pictures police have seen so far focus on girls’ and women’s intimate body parts. 

Bail was set at $200,000 Friday during Steve Powell’s arraignment.  He is currently sitting in a Pierce County jail, unable to make bail.  His next hearing is October 11.

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The West Valley City Police Department, along with help and volunteers from eight other Utah counties, spent 12 days searching  Utah’s remote desert areas around Topaz Mountain near Delta, Utah.  The search officially began on Tuesday, September 13.

On Wednesday (day 2) they discovered an area that appeared to be some type of “shallow grave.”  11 cadaver dogs “hit” on this area, indicating that some type of human remains was buried there.

Police brought in an anthropologist to see if the area was an old burial site—possibly a pioneer, or maybe Native American.  The anthropologist said the site was more recent: probably anywhere from the past 2 months to 10 years.

Police began excavating the site, with a forensics team carefully sifting through each shovelful of dirt for any type of suspicious matter.  By late Saturday afternoon, they discovered what the dogs were interested in: approximately 100 pieces of charred wood ranging in size from dimes to golf balls.  This wood was buried about 2 1/2 feet below the surface.  The wood pieces were sent to a forensic lab for analysis.

Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, arrived on Thursday, day 3 of the search, to see the area for himself and to support police in their efforts.  He flew back on Wednesday morning, September 21, to prepare for a court hearing.

The search continued on Sunday with help from 5 Utah counties…personnel and search and rescue (SAR) teams on foot, ATV, horseback, plane and helicopter scoured the desert in specific grid patterns, looking for any sign of Susan Cox Powell. 

Monday morning three more counties joined the search

The search officially ended on Friday, September 23.  Police found various items of clothing, which were photographed and sent to labs for analysis.  They said the search was “successful” and “accomplished what [they] set out to do.” 

Susan’s family and friends want the West Valley Police Department, the SAR personnel, the volunteers, the horseback riders, the pilots, the cadaver dogs and their handlers and everyone who was involved in this search to know how deeply grateful we all are for their determination to find Susan.  We have full confidence that the WVPD will find Susan, solve this case, and bring us the answers we so desperately need.

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Chuck Cox was on the Dori Monson radio show today in Seattle.  Click here to read the article and listen to the radio interview.

Dori Monson makes an excellent point: if Josh and Steve Powell are completely innocent in Susan’s disappearance, what reason would they have for trying to trash Susan and her character? 

Good question.

Here’s two radio shows Dori did last week about Susan’s case: first one here with an interview with Steve Powell; second one here with an interview from Kiirsi Hellewell.

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