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It’s been a busy week for Josh and his father, Steve Powell.  They’ve done a lot of talking to media in different venues…TV, newspaper.  While this is much preferable to their remaining silent, the public wonders: why don’t they do some of that talking with police?  They still refuse to talk to the West Valley City Police Department. 

Meanwhile, Steve Powell has changed his story nearly every day this week. 

* August 21, Sunday:
On Sunday night, when Susan’s friends spoke out about Steve Powell making disgusting unwanted advances to Susan, Steve Powell told KUTV 2’s Brian Mullahy in a phone interview:

”It’s not true, Brian.  I never made any advances toward her.”

* August 23, Tuesday:
Steve Powell told the Salt Lake Tribune in reference to his daughter Jennifer Graves’ claim that he “came onto Susan”:

”“How did she come up with these ideas?” Steve Powell said of Graves. “I’m baffled, and I’m astounded.”  He also said: “There are just misunderstandings about how Susan felt about me. Susan never let me forget that she was a woman. But she was also a beautiful daughter to me.” 

(Read the comments below the article to see how people feel about his comment: “She never let me forget she was a woman.”)

The Tribune also said: “Steve Powell, who performs as a musician under the name of Steve Chantrey, acknowledged that he has written songs about his daughter-in-law.”

* August 24, Wednesday:
This story from ABC-4 does not have a direct quote from Steve Powell, but it sheds some more light on his obsession with Susan, quoting some of the lyrics of the songs on his Steve Chantrey website.  The songs talk about an unrequited love and an obsession for someone the songwriter can’t have.

* August 25, Thursday:
Josh and Steve Powell went on the three major national news shows—the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America and the Today Show—and Steve had changed his story so much that he now claimed that he and Susan had a “sexual relationship.”  Among his claims was the following:

”Father-in-law – daughter-in-law flirting with each other, maybe some sexual touching or whatever. And– I enjoyed it, frankly. Susan was a joy to be around in so many ways, not just those ways." (from GMA)

"Susan was very sexual with me. She was very flirtatious.  I mean, I’m her father-in-law, and she would do a lot of things that…she did it, I did it. We interacted in a lot of sexual ways." (From GMA)

* August 26, Friday:

* Steve told Seattle’s King 5 News: "Yeah, I became very interested in her and I will say it probably developed into maybe an obsession, I admit, on my part."

Then Steve’s story changed again.  He admitted to KOMO News that Susan did NOT like his “advances”:

“Susan became upset when his advances toward her became increasingly overt. ‘When I took liberties or whatever, she became very upset and accused me of hitting on her,’ he said.”

So…which is it, Steve?  It’s interesting that even Josh Powell, though he echoed his father’s claims that Susan was “flirtatious,” contradicted his father’s claims in his Good Morning America interview:

“When told of his father’s revelation that he had a flirtatious and sexually charged relationship with his daughter-in-law — and that it was typically initiated by her — Josh Powell denied it, but also said that any flirtation has to do with his wife’s nature.

"There was nothing like that. She’s a very flirtatious person. But that’s just her personality. You know, it’s — it’s part of her friendliness," he said.”

Brent Hunsaker of ABC-4 wrote an excellent blog post about Steve’s obsession with Susan.  Here’s another post with some commentary on  the  stories Steve and Josh have chosen to tell over the past 2 years.

The Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell Facebook page has been flooded the past few days with overwhelming support for Susan’s family and friends.  Here are just a few of the many comments:

So sorry for the trauma you are going through in the media. If it is any comfort the interviews by Josh and his Father come off as orchestrated and very much manipulative. I am praying for you and that truth will come out and the situation will be resolved. I pray that your daughter will be found and that you will have peace and comfort.

I haven’t posted on this group in a while, but I check in daily to see what’s going on. I know that the Cox Family comes here often, and I just wanted them to know that I respect them and admire them for the way they have handled what has to be a parents’ biggest nightmare. I will continue to hold your family up in prayer, asking God to give you His peace.

Friends and Family of Susan, We love you, hang in there.

We are all praying for your peace of mind. It has been a very long time since all was well within your family…we can’t even begin to imagine your pain. But know that there are thousands upon thousands of prayers pouring out for your plight.

You are amazing people. I’m so proud of how your family is standing so strong in the face of such adversity. May the Lord bless your hearts with peace. We pray that this horrible tragedy will be over soon, that you will be able to get your grandsons out of that horrible situation, and that you will feel the love of the millions who are praying for you.

So many support and believe you! No matter what smut is spread by others, we know Susan was kind, loving, and amazing. I know I’ll be watching and waiting with you. Much love to all of you who seek answers to where she is. Susan’s story of her last hours will be known. Again, much love.

We love you, the Cox family & Susan. You are in our thought & prayers…you are part of our lives.

It is so very sad that Josh and his dad are doing this to Susan and her family to discredit her and to slander her. You can tell just by their body language, tonality, and facial expressions that they are lying. All I know is we reap what we sow… I have been praying for the Cox family since the very beginning for the truth to come out. I believe that our prayers are being heard and that the truth is coming.

I pray for answers for your family. May God be with you

Dear Father who art in Heaven, I pray and ask You to bring out the truth so the Cox family can have peace and know where their daughter is. And I pray for those that are responsible to come forth and confess and ask for Your forgiveness. Have mercy on us Lord and help us all. In Jesus name, Amen

From the beginning the most important thing in this case has been to find Susan and give answers to her friends and family. I am hoping that time is fast approaching. As Susan would say:"[PUSH:] Pray.Until.Something.Happens"
Things are happening, KEEP PRAYING!!


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Yesterday Susan’s friends and family in West Valley City, Utah and Puyallup, Washington held a “Honk and Wave” campaign to bring more public awareness to Susan and her case.

In Utah, the event went off without a hitch.  Volunteers braved wind, rain, scorching heat, and sunburn to hold signs, smile and wave at thousands of people who drove by, honked, gave “thumb’s up” and shouted things like “We hope you find her!” and “Our prayers are with you!”

honk and wave

In Puyallup, Washington, the event did not run as smoothly.  Chuck and Judy Cox and various relatives and supporters went to their planned location in front of a busy store to hold their signs.  Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, showed up with a camera.  You can read and watch the story of what happened next from these news sources and videos:

KOMO News in Seattle’s report and video

Utah’s FOX 13 report and video

KUTV-2 in Utah’s report and phone interview with Chuck Cox

The Salt Lake Tribune article is here, and video on the left sidebar

Many people from across the country (and the world) have been posting overwhelming support for Susan and the Cox family on the official Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell.”  We appreciate all the support, prayers, comments and positive thoughts.  We are in awe of the grace and restraint showed yesterday by Chuck Cox in the face of such obvious goading by Josh and Steve Powell.

One thing is clear: it’s easy to see who really wants to find Susan.

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This morning on the Today show, Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, announced that he plans to publish Susan’s private teenage journals on a new website.

News stories as follows:

Today show video clip


Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

Public sentiment is universally angry about Steve and Josh Powell’s plans.  No matter what Susan’s teen journals say or don’t say, NO ONE has the right to publish her private thoughts and feelings.  Comments on the above-named media sites are a sample of the public’s feelings.  Emotions on Facebook groups and pages are running high today, as well as personal blog posts and Twitter.  A new Facebook page, “Stop Josh Powell from Publishing Susan Cox Powell’s Journals” was started today by persons unknown and is rapidly gaining fans.

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One year and six months ago today, the lives of many people were turned upside down forever.  Susan’s little boys, Charlie and Braden, did not show up to daycare.  This was extremely out of character for Susan—she was always reliable so their provider, Debbie, got worried and called Josh and Susan.  Neither one answered their phones, so she went over to their house and knocked on the door.  There were no tracks in the fresh snow leading out of their house or garage; she called the emergency contacts.  When Jennifer Graves and her mother arrived, knocked on the door, called Josh and Susan’s phones, called their work and were told “they did not come in to work today,” they called the police.

This began the nightmare all of us who know and love Susan—and those who have come to love her– have been living the past 18 months. 

The Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell” has supporters from all over the United States, Canada, and many parts of the world.  Some of them expressed their feelings about Susan this past week in support:

I did not know Susan personally, but I pray for her, her family, and all of her friends. Never lose hope

With some experience, I can say that I hate the thought of children being told that their mother deserted them. It makes me ill. I pray that justice will come to the person responsible for her situation. Just as much, I hope those boys can grow up knowing that their mother would never, ever walk out on them.

Knowing what I know of Susan, I feel like I’ve missed out on knowing an incredible woman, friend, and mother. To me, my friends are my sisters. Susan did not deserve whatever has happened to her, and her children did not deserve to lose their mother. Her parents did not deserve to lose their daughter, and so on. She has so many people that love her and miss her. So much Family, and I do mean her friends as well as blood relatives. She did not walk away from her family. She did not leave of her own volition. I do pray that the Powell’s are telling her boys about her. The Truth about her. Not the nasty evil things they want the world to believe. Justice will be served. There’s no escaping that! Susan WILL Be Found!

As the eighteenth month mark approaches, my heart breaks even more for Susan’s sons. They must be so confused to have their lives turned upside down when their mom went missing.

I continue to take a proud stand for Susan. I know without a doubt that she did not leave on her own. I know how much she loves her boys. I know how hard she worked. I know how deeply she loves God and her friends, family and even her husband.

I continue to pray that answers will be found quickly for her sons. They are young but never to young to know the truth. I believe the truth always comes out. I pray for that day so all the healing, forgiveness and repentance process can start for all who are involved.

Susan loves so many, it is a blessing that all who love her have come together to form a strong bond of Faith as they wait for the truth to come forward. I will pray with them, search with them, love with them and believe with them, along with the many wonderful people from around the world do. I am grateful for them all, as their support get me to the next day.

Charlie and Braden will know the truth one day and I will pray with all that we can put their lives in order and have them grow up to know what a wonderful mom they have.

Susan can be taken for our sight but never from our hearts and our memories. Until I see her again I will continue to stand for her, and treasure my memories of her and her sweet boys!

Susan remains in my prayers along with her family and friends. I continue to believe that the Lord will answer in His own time.

I never met Susan personally, but I feel as though I know her now. through her Friends & Family. What a group of wonderful, kind, loving people. Just like Susan. She has made me want to be a better person. I will pray for her and her boys and family always! PUSH! ♥ [One of Susan’s favorite saying…PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens]

Susan you are so Loved, I wish it was enough to bring you home. So the empty spot in our hearts could start to heal.

DEAR SUSAN , i love you my sister in Christ. If i could i would travel the world to bring you home to your boys,family and friends. I know God has you in his loving arms no matter where you are, untill we find you and bring you home we hold you in our hearts

I did not know Susan either. But, she has been in my heart, thoughts and prayers. As well as her (((children, family and friends))). I pray that all will be answered soon. May God bless you all. ✞

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Last night, news broke in Salt Lake City that a body had been discovered in Tooele County near the small town of Stockton, Utah.

We are still waiting on the official confirmation or ID, but reports are starting to come in from media today that the body may be male and does not appear to be Susan. 

Media reports from early afternoon today:

Salt Lake Tribune


Media reports from last night:

Fox 13


Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune


Every time a body is found, Susan’s family, friends and loved ones…and thousands of people who never knew her personally but have come to love her…go through a difficult mix of fear, hope, worry, and sadness.  No matter whose body this turns out to be, someone has lost a loved one.  And some family out there will finally have answers.

Messages of support and caring continue to pour in on the new Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell Facebook page.  Here’s a few of them:

“I think about Susan all the time- I never knew her but feel like I do.. My prayers and best wishes always remain with HER family.. I hope for a resolution and closure if that may be.”
–Shalise B.

So many prayers for this family.”
–Deborah F.

Thoughts and prayers for Susan and her family. I still have the flier on my car window. People that see it ask me why do I still have it there. I tell them I will keep it there until Susan is found. It’s the least I can do for her and family and friends.”
–Shirley M.

I hope & pray for everyone to get answers and closure! XOXO!"
–April L.

“Praying for answers for Susan’s family! I miss Susan! May Heavenly Father bless the Cox family with answers, peace, strength, and healing! You are never alone….the Savior is with you always, and so many wonderful angel friends who care deeply for Susan, her boys, and you!

“My thoughts and prayers are with the Cox family and Susan’s boys. As much as I wish she were alive and well, if this new news ends up being her, then it is the closure that so many people need. Dear, Lord please let Susan be found.”
–Andrea T.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half almost and we still don’t know where she is…I say the same thing every day about Stacy Peterson and Lindsey Baum. I pray for all of them every night.
Helen F.

“Oh I pray for you and your family Susan, and your babies. my heart aches for you and your family.”
Samantha A.

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Chuck Cox posted the following on the Facebook group, Friends and Family of Susan Powell:

Nothing new to report, I was just reassured that the case is progressing. Judy and I will be on Nancy Grace’s “50 Missing Persons in 50 days”  February 18th at 9pm Eastern. It will be a one hour recap and focus. We thank Nancy, HLN, and all of the media for keeping Susan’s story out there. She will be found… there will be justice. Thank you for your prayers.

Nancy Grace’s website is here, and you can find her recap on Susan here

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Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, posted the following today on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group:

I just updated the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to announce the passing of Susan’s Grandfather, John F. Cox, January 7, 2011. The last word from the West Valley Police is that the case is progressing. We remain confident that there will be resolution and that the guilty will be held accountable. We are very grateful for the love, support and prayers of all of you. We feel your frustration, and share it, but we must continue to be hopeful, and patient. Thank you all.

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation updates can be found here.

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