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KOMO News and QFOX 13 News in Seattle report that a new non-profit organization, Charlie’s Dinosaur, will be helping foster children.

Photo source: QFOX13, Seattle

When kids are taken from neglectful or troubled homes by the state, they often don’t have time to take any of their own belongings. A small group of Pierce County Detectives want to give those kids something to call their own.

Pierce County detectives who knew and loved Charlie and Braden Powell found a large dinosaur drawing made by Charlie, Susan’s oldest son, age 7. They decided to start a non-profit named “Charlie’s Dinosaur” in memory of Charlie and Braden.

They plan to collect donations so they can give away backpacks filled with toys, books, and hygiene items each month to foster children.

From KOMO News:

Thanks to … a handful of Pierce County detectives, Charlie’s Dinosaur was born, and donations helped it grow. Toiletries, toys and books – the essentials and good-to-haves – now fill backpacks for foster children in need. 

"We’re hoping to put out maybe a hundred backpacks a month to children who’ve been placed for either abuse or neglect," says Anderson.

And in the process, they’re honoring two children and helping kids be kids.

From QFOX 13:

Pierce County sheriff’s detective Kevin Johnson and Sgt. Theresa Berg found the drawing of Charlie’s dinosaur when they searched Josh Powell’s storage unit after he killed the boys during a visitation and blew up his home near Graham in February.  

"There were so few items that belonged to the boys that survived anything, so few items that this was kind of precious to us,” Berg said. 

Both Johnson and Berg had spent a lot of time with the Powell boys after Child Protective Services took custody of them from their father.

"These kids were not strangers to us,” Berg said. “They were comfortable with us. They would run to us. We liked them and we played with them."

Investigating their deaths was difficult.

"This was probably the first case like this I can ever remember actually crying afterwards,” Johnson said. “It was tough.”

Out of that anguish came an idea for a charity to help other foster kids.

"A lot of the people that are taken into protective custody don’t have any belongings at all, and if they do, we were told they have to carry them around in plastic garbage bags," Johnson said.

"It tells me that we can do something positive for kids and out of this horrible, horrible thing at least every time I look at it, I know that we’ve done something positive," Johnson said.


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august flier campaign image

To friends and supporters of Susan and her family,

Next week it will be two years since December 6, 2009—the day that Susan Cox Powell was taken from her home, her family, and all those she loves and cares about.

The past two years have been a terrible ordeal of grief and heartbreak, but we have not given up hope: we know the police are doing everything they can. We believe they will find her and find the answers we all so desperately need.

But they’ve also brought surprising blessings. We have seen Susan’s life touch the hearts of many thousands of people all over the world. We’ve been the recipients of so much love, so much prayer, so many kind thoughts and wishes. We are so grateful for every person who has spread the word of Susan’s disappearance in any way, whether online or in person. The outpouring of support has helped us keep going.

Now that Susan’s beloved little boys are finally in a safe and stable environment, many people have asked what they can do to help her boys. The boys’ needs are being taken care of, but there are so many other children in need of help.

We know Susan always loved to serve and help others and she especially loved children. We’ve chosen to remember her in Utah at this 2-year anniversary by making donations to the Christmas Box House and the adjacent Group Homes for teens. This wonderful organization takes care of children who are in protective custody of the state, just as Susan’s boys were last month. Please see their website for more information about this organization.

We will be gathering donations for the Christmas Box House and group homes this Monday, December 5, from 7pm-8:30pm in the meeting room at Hunter Library in West Valley City (4740 West 4100 South).

Donated items must be NEW; donation needs include the following:

* clothing
* blankets
* toys
* games
* stuffed animals
craft kits and art supplies
* books
* hygiene products
* gift cards for community activities (movie passes, Lagoon tickets, fast food, etc.)
* gift cards to stores like Target or WalMart are very useful so items can be purchased as needed

Please see this link for a complete and detailed list of needs for the Christmas Box House.

Older children also in state protective custody are in need of many items, as well.  Here are links to donation needs for Salt Lake County Youth Services and their Christmas Wish List.

If you don’t live near Salt Lake City or can’t make it on Monday, but would like to donate, the Christmas Box House has a place to make online financial donations

They also accept donations at these locations:

Salt Lake City:
3660 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Ogden, Utah:
1181 Christmas Box Lane (950 E.)
Ogden, UT 84404

Moab, Utah:
180 South 300 East
Moab, UT 84532

You could also find an organization or shelter in your own local area and donate things to help others, in Susan’s honor.

Susan has a loving and compassionate heart and she would love to participate in a cause like this, if she were still here.  Please join us in helping other children and honoring Susan as we serve others.

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Those who know and love Susan Cox Powell—as well as those who never knew her but have come to love her—hoped this day would never come.  Seven months ago today Susan disappeared from her home, under very suspicious circumstances.  She is still missing.

The West Valley City Police Department continues to work hard.  In the warmer weather, more bodies are being found, like the one found Saturday night in St. George, Utah.  The police still receive tips on Susan’s case.

On the Facebook group Friends and Family of Susan Powell, supporters left wishes of love, prayers, and hope today for Susan’s family.  Some beautiful collage pictures of Susan and her thousands of friends—old and new—were made by Quail Feathers:


We know Susan is still out there…somewhere…and we are not giving up hope.  We will never stop looking.  We will find her.

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Today it’s been 5 months since Susan Cox Powell disappeared from her home under very suspicious circumstances.

If you’re new to this story, you can find details on the case in thousands of articles, videos, and websites scattered across the internet.  Some good places to look are this website dedicated to finding Susan, the many excellent articles written by Examiner.com’s Isabelle Zehnder since the beginning, the 800 links in the archive of the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group, and local Salt Lake City media outlets like KSL5, ABC4, KUTV2, FOX13, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News.

There hasn’t been a whole lot in the news the past few weeks, but a few days ago an Idaho discovery had a lot of people talking and wondering if it could be Susan.  It wasn’t, but our hearts go out to the family of Stephanie Eldridge

On Tuesday afternoon, Isabelle Zehnder with Examiner.com broke the exclusive story of a gag order on the West Valley City police department.  You can read about the reaction of Susan’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, here.

Nothing spectacular has been officially planned to mark the 5-month anniversary of Susan’s disappearance today, but many people across the world are planning to light candles in their homes and on their front porches.  You can also light a “virtual candle” here, as well—candles burn for 48 hours and you can come back and light as many as you want. 

Patty on Facebook, someone who never met Susan or her family but has been a faithful supporter for months now, said this:

“I will put mine out on the porch right now. May I ask everyone to pray at High Noon tomorrow, so we can all be praying at the same time? I love this family so much.”

Photos by Amber Hardman, Allison St. Louis, and Kiirsi Hellewell; scrapbooking by Briana Horne

Susan’s friends and family are very grateful to Susan’s past and present friends, the many thousands that have supported and encouraged us with their love and prayers, all the people who have tirelessly searched for her, and especially to the West Valley Police Department for their unrelenting hard work and dedication to finding Susan.  We believe Susan will be found—hopefully before too many more of these anniversaries pass.

Photo and art by Amber Hardman, Hardman Photography


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Susan learned the rudimentary basics of crochet from a former co-worker at Fidelity Investments, her first stockbroker job.  She made herself a multicolored scarf and wore it a lot before she made other things.

I remember one day, a few months after I met her, when she told me she was learning to crochet and was having problems with it.  I helped her with her project and that was the start of hundreds of hours of crocheting fun for us—talking, laughing, and watching movies together as we crocheted. 

She loved to crochet and spent many, many hours making baby blankets for friends, fellow church members, or co-workers.  When she was invited to baby showers she liked to take handmade gifts to show her love and friendship.  She invented her own patterns for hats and made one for each of her boys.

When she disappeared, she was working on a blanket for Braden, her youngest son.  It was yellow and orange and she was making it quite big so he could have it for many years.  One of the yarns for this blanket tangled easily and that’s why Susan invited her friend JoVonna over to her house the afternoon of Sunday, December 6, 2009.  She knew JoVonna was an expert yarn de-tangler and she wanted JoVonna’s help with the knotted yarn so Susan could continue making Braden’s blanket. 

JoVonna was the last person (besides Josh) to see Susan. 

One thing Susan made several years ago was a long stuffed toy snake.  She had been instrumental in helping me figure out how to make the same snake years before, when I was new to following crochet patterns and had never made anything round before.  (She hadn’t, either, but we both read the pattern and somehow figured it out together.)

It appears the pattern we used for our snakes is no longer on the web, but here are many similar crocheted snake patterns.

The now-defunct pattern featured this picture:

From the currently non-working Yarncat.com

Susan’s snake looked quite similar to that, but I can’t remember the exact colorway of yarn she used. 

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Susan sent me about finishing this snake:

Thursday, December 15, 2005 9:00 AM

“Finished the snake and even added my own version of a tail, I chained 2 and went back over it, it was my dad’s idea.  Charlie loved playing with it and pulling the tongue.  I’m contemplating making one for him but adding some type of bendy thing as I stuff it so that it will keep a shape. What do you think?”

I made this scarf as a birthday gift for Susan a couple of years ago.  She wore it all winter long.  I didn’t even know at the time that I’d chosen her favorite colors, either.

I didn’t see this scarf when I was packing up Susan’s clothes when Josh took everything and moved to Washington.  If I had, I would’ve asked Josh if I could have it.  I can picture Susan so easily with her sweet smile and her scarf around her neck.

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A sweet and kind Florida woman—someone who never met Susan but has proven a true friend to her these past months since she’s disappeared—has done many kind acts during her life, most recently in Susan’s name, despite going through personal tragedy of her own during this time.

In Linda’s words:

March 24: Donation made today in the name of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation for 50+ beanie babies.  Donation given to the traffic division of Lauderhill, FL police department. This is our 2nd donation. The first was to the Coral Springs, FL police department. They were very gracious:

linda beanie babies



Linda suggests that people everywhere can donate beanie babies to their police departments. She says, “We have been doing this for years… Before beanie babies we made hug-a-bears….this might be a good project for the teenagers so they can get their community service hours for college applications.”

Thank you, Linda, for your kind and thoughtful service in Susan’s name!  And huge thanks to the Lauderhill, Florida Police Department for their service to those in need.
linda beanie babies2


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A kind group of people in northern Utah—who don’t know Susan or her family—decided that they wanted to do something to help find Susan.  They’re in the process of organizing their own ground search for clues to Susan’s disappearance. 

This search will take place on Saturday, April 10, in the Simpson Springs area of the Pony Express trail.  This is the place that Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, said that he went camping with their two small boys the night Susan disappeared on Dec. 6, 2009.

Though this ground search effort is not organized or sponsored by either Susan’s family or the West Valley City Police, many people have responded with wonderful offers of help, support, and teams to help with the search.  The incredible outpouring of love and offers of help have touched many lives, including my own.  There are so many good people in this world.

Here are some links to websites, news stories and video clips about this upcoming search:

ABC-4’s report on local crews volunteering for the search

Deseret News article about the search

Examiner.com article by Isabelle Zehnder

ABC-4 report: the police’s view of the search

Salt Lake Tribune article about the search

Examiner.com article with police comments about the search

Fox13 Video clip on the search

KSL’s report on the search effort

If you’re on Facebook, you can access more search information at this group: Friends and Family of Susan Powell.  The organizers of this search are still putting together search information and details and I will post it here when it’s available, for those who aren’t on Facebook.

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