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Big news today! A beautiful new song written from the perspective of Susan and her boys is now available and ready to purchase, TODAY, on iTunes and Amazon.


Buy the song on iTunes here.

Buy the song on Amazon here.

All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to to the Susan, Charlie and Braden Memorial Fund, to build a memorial for Susan and her boys. This memorial will help us honor and remember Susan, Charlie and Braden, and to stand as a symbol of hope and the absolute need for change in laws protecting women and children, or any victims of domestic violence.

We are so excited to finally be able to present this song to the world. The song was a beautiful gift from songwriter Camilyn Morrison to her friend, Jennifer Graves. For more about the song’s creation, see this article by the Deseret News.

Jessie Funk, award-winning singer and professional youth speaker, is the beautiful voice you hear on the song. View Jessie’s website here.

You can watch the music video on YouTube here.


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