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balloon release 2011 by allyson holmgren 
Photo courtesy of Amber Hardman; Photo collage by Allyson Holmgren

Like last year, Susan’s family and friends are once again holding a balloon release event in both Utah and Washington to remember Susan’s 30th birthday.

In Utah:

Saturday, October 15, 11am at West View Park.  West View Park is located on the north-west corner of 4100 South and 6000 West in West Valley City, Utah.  West Valley’s Mayor Mike Winder will be attending and speaking at the event. 

In Washington:

Sunday, October 16, 4pm at Bradley Lake ParkBradley Lake Park is located at 531 31st Ave SE in Puyallup, Washington.

We would love for the public in both locations to attend and celebrate Susan’s birthday with us. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to post a comment here of support for Susan, we will be attaching messages to the balloons before releasing them.  You can also leave a comment at the Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell” or group “Friends and Family of Susan Powell.”


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Yesterday Susan’s friends and family in West Valley City, Utah and Puyallup, Washington held a “Honk and Wave” campaign to bring more public awareness to Susan and her case.

In Utah, the event went off without a hitch.  Volunteers braved wind, rain, scorching heat, and sunburn to hold signs, smile and wave at thousands of people who drove by, honked, gave “thumb’s up” and shouted things like “We hope you find her!” and “Our prayers are with you!”

honk and wave

In Puyallup, Washington, the event did not run as smoothly.  Chuck and Judy Cox and various relatives and supporters went to their planned location in front of a busy store to hold their signs.  Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, showed up with a camera.  You can read and watch the story of what happened next from these news sources and videos:

KOMO News in Seattle’s report and video

Utah’s FOX 13 report and video

KUTV-2 in Utah’s report and phone interview with Chuck Cox

The Salt Lake Tribune article is here, and video on the left sidebar

Many people from across the country (and the world) have been posting overwhelming support for Susan and the Cox family on the official Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell.”  We appreciate all the support, prayers, comments and positive thoughts.  We are in awe of the grace and restraint showed yesterday by Chuck Cox in the face of such obvious goading by Josh and Steve Powell.

One thing is clear: it’s easy to see who really wants to find Susan.

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Before the Ely, Nevada news broke, the Cox family and Susan’s friends in Utah and Washington were in the midst of planning a “Honk and Wave” campaign to remember Susan. 

august flier campaign image

Here’s a statement from Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, about this.  It was first posted to the Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell Facebook page on Wednesday of this week:

From Chuck and Judy Cox and family:

We wish to thank all of you that continue to look for Susan and that have provided loyal support to our family. We continue to pray for Susan’s safe return, and to prepare ourselves for the worst. This Saturday August 20, 2011 we are planning a small flyer campaign to remind the public that Susan is still missing, and to refresh their memories of what she looks like. 

We continue to have confidence that the Police are doing all they can. Please feel free to join us in passing out flyers and reminding friends and acquaintances about the case and that we still need everyone’s help. The flyers will be located at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup, Washington and at 5600 West and 3500 South in West Valley City, Utah.

Here in Utah, we will be waving and holding signs for Susan from 11am-3pm.  We would love to have anyone and everyone drive by, honk and wave to show their support, and even stop and meet us so we can thank you in person. 

Here is a PDF file, graciously provided by FOX 13, of the 4-per-page fliers.  Please print some off and distribute them to your friends, family, and acquaintances no matter where you live.  Together we will FIND SUSAN!

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We received word today that NBC’s Today show will air a new piece about Susan tomorrow morning at 7:32 a.m EDT.  This should air locally in U.S. time zones at 7:32 your time.  This post will be updated tomorrow when video becomes available. 

We would like to thank NBC for keeping Susan in the national news media. 

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On September 7, Seattle, Washington QFOX13 news broke the story of Josh Powell’s application to join the local PTA.  Click here for the article and video, including interviews with concerned parents.

Here’s another article by Isabelle Zehnder about the story.  The consensus of online comments seems to be that while people are very concerned about Susan’s two little boys—Charlie and Braden—and very much want to welcome them at school, they do not trust Josh around their children.  Parents say they are fine with Josh walking or driving Charlie to school and even with Josh coming to school events, but they don’t want him interacting with  their children.

One of Josh’s neighbors said (quoted from QFOX13):

"I’d like for him to be able to bring his kids to school, I’d like the kids to be involved in the school as much as possible, but as for him I’d like him to stay away from the school," said Quantrell.

Though, ultimately that’ll be up to the Carson Elementary PTA.

Carson Elementary PTA President Holly Mickel gave Q13 Fox News this statement on Tuesday about Powell’s application.

"Our PTA membership is open to anyone who would like to join and is interested in helping the children of Carson Elementary reach their full potential. All of our volunteers are required to complete the background check through the School District before volunteering."       (Source: QFOX13 News)                  

More news stories this evening:

More from QFOX13 on this story

From Arrika Von and Utah’s local FOX13 station, an interview with Jennifer Graves; and another article from Isabelle Zehnder.

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Susan Cox Powell has now been missing for 275 days.  Yesterday’s excellent story by Good Morning America sparked a resurgence of media interest, both locally and in Washington.  Here’s a rundown of the stories, articles and videos  from  Tuesday, September 7, the nine-month anniversary of Susan’s disappearance:

 Good Morning America’s report

Another clip of the GMA report, from Puyallup, Washington’s KOMO news

Local Utah station KSL’s interview with Jennifer and Kirk Graves

Local Utah station ABC-4 TV’s article

Isabelle Zehnder of Examiner.com’s article,  “Nine Months”—focusing on Steve Powell’s e-mailed remarks to ABC

Also, yesterday, news broke that a woman’s body was found in a shallow grave in Cle Elum, Washington.  The local sheriff’s team and some archaeologists are excavating the body.  We hope for updates as work progresses.

On the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group, emotions were high as those who knew Susan—and those who didn’t, but have come to love her as they follow this case—expressed feelings of anger, grief,  and sadness as well as hope, prayers, and faith. 

If you are on Twitter, follow @FindSusan for updates on any news we get.

SusanPowell FB profile flier

PLEASE keep spreading the word of Susan—someone, somewhere knows something…has seen something…can help the police solve this case and find Susan.  If you have any information that might help police, please call the West Valley City Police Department at 801-840-4000.

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This press release from the Cox family was just published this afternoon:

PRESS RELEASE 06/12/2010
2:30 PM PST
Contact: Shelby Gifford, Cox Family spokesperson
253.255.1624 Shelby@theshelbynetwork.com

SUBJECT: Susan Cox Powell Billboard Installed in Puyallup Area

The family of Susan Cox Powell is pleased to announce that a billboard featuring information about their missing loved one has been installed on Washington’s State Route 161 near the home of Susan’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox. The billboard features information about Susan and a photograph of her that was taken by her father.

“The purpose of the billboard is to remind the public that Susan is still missing. We continue to look for her and we are asking for the public’s help with that,” said Chuck Cox, Susan’s father.

“Susan’s story has been kept alive with the help of local, national and social media, and the Cox family is especially grateful to Clear Channel for their contribution to the search for Susan,” added Shelby Gifford, Cox Family Spokesperson.

In February, Susan’s family announced the formation of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation (www.susancoxpowellfoundation.org) which is dedicated to helping others bring their missing loved ones home. The Susan Cox Powell Foundation’s motto is “Hope – Pray – Help” and Susan’s family and friends are committed to using every resource to accomplish its mission.

Photographs of the billboard, which is located on SR 161 (Meridian Avenue East in Puyallup’s South Hill area) between 176th Street East and 187th Street East, are attached to this emailed press release.

At least one additional billboard will be installed in the Salt Lake City, Utah area in the next week.

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