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Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivazfar are riding bicycles across America right now.  This huge feat is to raise awareness for missing children and child predatory crimes.  See their website: RideForTheirLives.com

On Friday, September 10, Ed, Ahmad and those joining them for this leg of the journey will meet on the south lawn of the Utah State Capitol (350 N. State Street).  This event is open to the public and we urge and encourage everyone to come.  Chuck and Judy Cox will be at this event to support Ed.  Please come!  

If you don’t live in Utah, please join Ed and Ahmad somewhere else on their journey.  Details of events and stops are here.


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Susan’s father, Chuck Cox, posted an update this morning on the Facebook group “Friends and Family of Susan Powell”:

Ed Smart is currently participating in "Ride for their Lives." He left Rochester, NY on August 21 and is riding to Los Angles, CA; due to arrive on September 22nd.  He is trying to raise awareness for 4 laws that could assist Law Enforcement in investigating and preventing crimes against children and good people everywhere. Please visit his web site, "RideForTheirLives.com" and the Surviving Parents Coalition. We plan on meeting Ed in Salt Lake City when he arrives on the 10th of September. 

To show support, please join us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we will find Susan. The police are doing their best; with support from you, and Heavenly Father’s help we will all have the answers and resolution needed.

Chuck also wrote an update for the Susan Cox Powell Foundation website:

August 29, 2010 Update:  Susan is still missing, the search continues and the Police continue to investigate and work the case.    No news on when an arrest might be made or if we are any closer to finding her, only that progress is being made each day.   We continue to hope for the best outcome, pray for her to be found, and remain determined to help others as Susan would have wanted us to.

The Foundation began helping with the search for Kimberly "Kimmie" Daily, a 16 year old developmentally challenged girl that went missing on 17 August 2010, from Puyallup, Washington.   We where assisted by the "Find Lindsay Baum" group.  Once invited we went to "Kimmie’s"  home and met her father, grandmother and a very helpful and supportive next door neighbor.  We had just started working with the family on the 23rd, developing publicity, media, planning a search and helping them set up a vigil for the 24th.   Late that night, (the 23rd), we got the news that "Kimmie’s" body had been found and police had a suspect in custody.    Our hearts sank, in the few hours we had worked with the family, "Kimmie" became family and her family part of our family, their hope our hope, their battle our battle.   "Kimmie’s" family decided to hold the vigil as planned, we assisted them with a sound system, set up and organization.   It is very difficult to explain the anguish of having a missing child, the relief that they have been found, and then the anguish and grief of such a tragic ending.   We provided what comfort we could. 

We must continue to band together to protect our families, and watch out for one another.   The Police need our eyes, ears and help in solving these cases.   There are many good people that want to help, realizing that it could just as easily have been their loved one.

The Surviving Parents Coalition is currently in the middle of their  "ride for their lives" event.  Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivazfar, two parents that have lived the nightmare, began their ride on August 21, 2010, from Rochester, New York to Los Angles, California , ending September 22, 2010,  to publicize the problems and to encourage support for 4 laws that would help combat this epidemic. 

The foundation will meet Ed and Ahmad on September 10th as they arrive in Salt Lake City, to show support.   We encourage everyone to support the efforts of the Surviving Parents Coalition in this event.  

Thank You for your support and prayers.

Chuck Cox,

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