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Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, posted the following today on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group:

I just updated the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to announce the passing of Susan’s Grandfather, John F. Cox, January 7, 2011. The last word from the West Valley Police is that the case is progressing. We remain confident that there will be resolution and that the guilty will be held accountable. We are very grateful for the love, support and prayers of all of you. We feel your frustration, and share it, but we must continue to be hopeful, and patient. Thank you all.

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation updates can be found here.


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Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, regularly updates the Susan Cox Powell Foundation website.  He has also added a Frequently Asked Questions page with some good information.

Some of the updates include the following:

September 27:

The Dr. Phil Show continues to aired around the world the Netherlands being the latest to hear the story and join with us in praying for Susan’s safe return and supporting law enforcement efforts and supporting Susan’s family.   I would like to welcome our new friends and once again thank the Dr. Phil show for their support.

We continue to Hope for Susan’s safe return, Pray for the Lord to help the Police find Susan.  We pray for the Lord to comfort Susan and the boys, and we pray for the Lord to soften the heart of those responsible that they will release Susan or come forward so that her family can have closure.  We help the Police in anyway we can, and help others as attacks against families continue.   Hope – Pray – Help

October 28:

We marked Susan’s 29th Birthday with the launch of balloons from several locations around the world.    Even with all the media we have received there are many people that don’t know the story.

The police continue to work the case, but still have no time line or estimate of how long the investigation will go on, we are told they are making steady progress.   That news is comforting but doesn’t lessen our concern for Susan.   We realize that like many other parents, and families we have no choice but to wait, hope and pray for the best outcome.   The dedication of the West Valley Police Department is amazing, although they can not provide the family, the public or the press with details of their investigation, they continue to work the case carefully and thouroghly.   I think it is as hard for them as it is for the rest of us, everyone would like that big break to wrap up this case and provide the answers we all want. 

I wish, like all of you that there was something more we could do.   But in the end, all we can do, is make sure Susan’s story is not forgotten.   It keeps people looking and thinking.   It keeps more of our families safe.   We value your support, comments, Prayers and Faith.

November 9:

The Cox family and the Susan Cox Powell Foundation recently discovered "Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims".  This organization will celebrate 35 years of service to victims on November 10, 2010.   Family & Friends of Violent Crime Victims (FNFVCV) , (www.fnfvcv.org) is a nonprofit organization that shares many of goals of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation.  FNFVCV has a national hotline for victims 800-346-7555 and 35 years of experience to share.   We are very happy to have found another partner in our attempt to help the families and friends whose lives have become forever changed by this type of tragedy.

Thank You all for your support.

Hope – Pray – Help – Believe

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A sweet and kind Florida woman—someone who never met Susan but has proven a true friend to her these past months since she’s disappeared—has done many kind acts during her life, most recently in Susan’s name, despite going through personal tragedy of her own during this time.

In Linda’s words:

March 24: Donation made today in the name of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation for 50+ beanie babies.  Donation given to the traffic division of Lauderhill, FL police department. This is our 2nd donation. The first was to the Coral Springs, FL police department. They were very gracious:

linda beanie babies



Linda suggests that people everywhere can donate beanie babies to their police departments. She says, “We have been doing this for years… Before beanie babies we made hug-a-bears….this might be a good project for the teenagers so they can get their community service hours for college applications.”

Thank you, Linda, for your kind and thoughtful service in Susan’s name!  And huge thanks to the Lauderhill, Florida Police Department for their service to those in need.
linda beanie babies2


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