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To friends and supporters of Susan and her family,

Next week it will be two years since December 6, 2009—the day that Susan Cox Powell was taken from her home, her family, and all those she loves and cares about.

The past two years have been a terrible ordeal of grief and heartbreak, but we have not given up hope: we know the police are doing everything they can. We believe they will find her and find the answers we all so desperately need.

But they’ve also brought surprising blessings. We have seen Susan’s life touch the hearts of many thousands of people all over the world. We’ve been the recipients of so much love, so much prayer, so many kind thoughts and wishes. We are so grateful for every person who has spread the word of Susan’s disappearance in any way, whether online or in person. The outpouring of support has helped us keep going.

Now that Susan’s beloved little boys are finally in a safe and stable environment, many people have asked what they can do to help her boys. The boys’ needs are being taken care of, but there are so many other children in need of help.

We know Susan always loved to serve and help others and she especially loved children. We’ve chosen to remember her in Utah at this 2-year anniversary by making donations to the Christmas Box House and the adjacent Group Homes for teens. This wonderful organization takes care of children who are in protective custody of the state, just as Susan’s boys were last month. Please see their website for more information about this organization.

We will be gathering donations for the Christmas Box House and group homes this Monday, December 5, from 7pm-8:30pm in the meeting room at Hunter Library in West Valley City (4740 West 4100 South).

Donated items must be NEW; donation needs include the following:

* clothing
* blankets
* toys
* games
* stuffed animals
craft kits and art supplies
* books
* hygiene products
* gift cards for community activities (movie passes, Lagoon tickets, fast food, etc.)
* gift cards to stores like Target or WalMart are very useful so items can be purchased as needed

Please see this link for a complete and detailed list of needs for the Christmas Box House.

Older children also in state protective custody are in need of many items, as well.  Here are links to donation needs for Salt Lake County Youth Services and their Christmas Wish List.

If you don’t live near Salt Lake City or can’t make it on Monday, but would like to donate, the Christmas Box House has a place to make online financial donations

They also accept donations at these locations:

Salt Lake City:
3660 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Ogden, Utah:
1181 Christmas Box Lane (950 E.)
Ogden, UT 84404

Moab, Utah:
180 South 300 East
Moab, UT 84532

You could also find an organization or shelter in your own local area and donate things to help others, in Susan’s honor.

Susan has a loving and compassionate heart and she would love to participate in a cause like this, if she were still here.  Please join us in helping other children and honoring Susan as we serve others.

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Before the Ely, Nevada news broke, the Cox family and Susan’s friends in Utah and Washington were in the midst of planning a “Honk and Wave” campaign to remember Susan. 

august flier campaign image

Here’s a statement from Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, about this.  It was first posted to the Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell Facebook page on Wednesday of this week:

From Chuck and Judy Cox and family:

We wish to thank all of you that continue to look for Susan and that have provided loyal support to our family. We continue to pray for Susan’s safe return, and to prepare ourselves for the worst. This Saturday August 20, 2011 we are planning a small flyer campaign to remind the public that Susan is still missing, and to refresh their memories of what she looks like. 

We continue to have confidence that the Police are doing all they can. Please feel free to join us in passing out flyers and reminding friends and acquaintances about the case and that we still need everyone’s help. The flyers will be located at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup, Washington and at 5600 West and 3500 South in West Valley City, Utah.

Here in Utah, we will be waving and holding signs for Susan from 11am-3pm.  We would love to have anyone and everyone drive by, honk and wave to show their support, and even stop and meet us so we can thank you in person. 

Here is a PDF file, graciously provided by FOX 13, of the 4-per-page fliers.  Please print some off and distribute them to your friends, family, and acquaintances no matter where you live.  Together we will FIND SUSAN!

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Yesterday’s search in and around Ely, Nevada by West Valley City Police Department (WVPD) sparked an enormous amount of articles, videos and comments online.  Here are a few of the highlights:

The Salt Lake Tribune posted yesterday morning’s press conference by the WVPD on their YouTube channel

Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan’s parents, appeared on the CBS Early Show yesterday morning

KSL has a good article and video of the first day’s search, along with sidebars of a video interview with Josh Powell and of the WVPD press conference from Friday morning

The Salt Lake Tribune has a comprehensive article on Josh and Steve Powell, including video clips

Here’s an article from the Deseret News, with many search and other details

Fox 13 has a recap of the first day’s search, including that police searched a dozen mines, are in Ely as a result of a search warrant, and that they might have gotten there earlier if Josh Powell had cooperated with police.

KSL also has a new interview with Josh Powell’s thoughts on the search in Ely, Nevada

ABC-4 has reaction from Susan’s father and from friends of Susan.  Fox 13 has more on Susan’s friends.

Examiner.com’s Isabelle Zehnder has a couple of new articles about Josh Powell and his claims about what happened to Susan

There’s been a lot of talking about the search in Ely, the WVPD, and Josh Powell.  Many people are not convinced by Josh’s interview

Criticism has also been expressed of the police and this search in Nevada; here’s a column from the Salt Lake Tribune regarding the search

In other news about Josh Powell: people worldwide were stunned to hear on Thursday that Josh Powell filed a restraining order against Chuck and Judy Cox, because they ran into Josh and their grandchildren at a local hardware store and asked if they could hug their grandchildren.

Regardless of how people feel about the search in Nevada, one thing is sure: it’s certainly brought Susan back into the national spotlight.  And for Susan’s friends and family, whose only hope, dream and wish is to find Susan and see justice done, that is a huge blessing. 

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Yesterday morning Susan’s family, friends and the world were stunned by an announcement from the West Valley City, Utah police department (WVPD).  They announced in a media release that there were “considerable developments” in Susan’s case in and around Ely, Nevada and they would be sending a team of detectives out there today, Friday, August 19. 

There will be a press conference by the WVPD at 9am Nevada (Pacific) time.  Hopefully local media stations will carry live streaming coverage.  Try these websites for a link:

KSL-5 TV in Salt Lake City

FOX-13 in Salt Lake City

There are already many articles, videos and other reports online about the news yesterday.  I will try to include a summary of the main points and news articles later today.

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This morning on the Today show, Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, announced that he plans to publish Susan’s private teenage journals on a new website.

News stories as follows:

Today show video clip


Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

Public sentiment is universally angry about Steve and Josh Powell’s plans.  No matter what Susan’s teen journals say or don’t say, NO ONE has the right to publish her private thoughts and feelings.  Comments on the above-named media sites are a sample of the public’s feelings.  Emotions on Facebook groups and pages are running high today, as well as personal blog posts and Twitter.  A new Facebook page, “Stop Josh Powell from Publishing Susan Cox Powell’s Journals” was started today by persons unknown and is rapidly gaining fans.

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We received word today that NBC’s Today show will air a new piece about Susan tomorrow morning at 7:32 a.m EDT.  This should air locally in U.S. time zones at 7:32 your time.  This post will be updated tomorrow when video becomes available. 

We would like to thank NBC for keeping Susan in the national news media. 

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