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To friends and supporters of Susan and her family,

Next week it will be two years since December 6, 2009—the day that Susan Cox Powell was taken from her home, her family, and all those she loves and cares about.

The past two years have been a terrible ordeal of grief and heartbreak, but we have not given up hope: we know the police are doing everything they can. We believe they will find her and find the answers we all so desperately need.

But they’ve also brought surprising blessings. We have seen Susan’s life touch the hearts of many thousands of people all over the world. We’ve been the recipients of so much love, so much prayer, so many kind thoughts and wishes. We are so grateful for every person who has spread the word of Susan’s disappearance in any way, whether online or in person. The outpouring of support has helped us keep going.

Now that Susan’s beloved little boys are finally in a safe and stable environment, many people have asked what they can do to help her boys. The boys’ needs are being taken care of, but there are so many other children in need of help.

We know Susan always loved to serve and help others and she especially loved children. We’ve chosen to remember her in Utah at this 2-year anniversary by making donations to the Christmas Box House and the adjacent Group Homes for teens. This wonderful organization takes care of children who are in protective custody of the state, just as Susan’s boys were last month. Please see their website for more information about this organization.

We will be gathering donations for the Christmas Box House and group homes this Monday, December 5, from 7pm-8:30pm in the meeting room at Hunter Library in West Valley City (4740 West 4100 South).

Donated items must be NEW; donation needs include the following:

* clothing
* blankets
* toys
* games
* stuffed animals
craft kits and art supplies
* books
* hygiene products
* gift cards for community activities (movie passes, Lagoon tickets, fast food, etc.)
* gift cards to stores like Target or WalMart are very useful so items can be purchased as needed

Please see this link for a complete and detailed list of needs for the Christmas Box House.

Older children also in state protective custody are in need of many items, as well.  Here are links to donation needs for Salt Lake County Youth Services and their Christmas Wish List.

If you don’t live near Salt Lake City or can’t make it on Monday, but would like to donate, the Christmas Box House has a place to make online financial donations

They also accept donations at these locations:

Salt Lake City:
3660 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Ogden, Utah:
1181 Christmas Box Lane (950 E.)
Ogden, UT 84404

Moab, Utah:
180 South 300 East
Moab, UT 84532

You could also find an organization or shelter in your own local area and donate things to help others, in Susan’s honor.

Susan has a loving and compassionate heart and she would love to participate in a cause like this, if she were still here.  Please join us in helping other children and honoring Susan as we serve others.


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balloon release 2011 by allyson holmgren 
Photo courtesy of Amber Hardman; Photo collage by Allyson Holmgren

Like last year, Susan’s family and friends are once again holding a balloon release event in both Utah and Washington to remember Susan’s 30th birthday.

In Utah:

Saturday, October 15, 11am at West View Park.  West View Park is located on the north-west corner of 4100 South and 6000 West in West Valley City, Utah.  West Valley’s Mayor Mike Winder will be attending and speaking at the event. 

In Washington:

Sunday, October 16, 4pm at Bradley Lake ParkBradley Lake Park is located at 531 31st Ave SE in Puyallup, Washington.

We would love for the public in both locations to attend and celebrate Susan’s birthday with us. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to post a comment here of support for Susan, we will be attaching messages to the balloons before releasing them.  You can also leave a comment at the Facebook page “Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell” or group “Friends and Family of Susan Powell.”

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Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, posted the following today on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group:

I just updated the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to announce the passing of Susan’s Grandfather, John F. Cox, January 7, 2011. The last word from the West Valley Police is that the case is progressing. We remain confident that there will be resolution and that the guilty will be held accountable. We are very grateful for the love, support and prayers of all of you. We feel your frustration, and share it, but we must continue to be hopeful, and patient. Thank you all.

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation updates can be found here.

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On Monday, December 6, 2010 Susan Cox Powell will have been missing for a year.

One whole year without her and in the lives of all her friends and loved ones a year of devastation, grief and heartbreak.  For her two little boys—they’ve lost their best friend, their protector, their comforter, their living angel. 

Two events have been planned in Utah to honor Susan and remind the public that she’s still out there.  One event is planned in Susan’s hometown of Puyallup, Washington.  Someone, somewhere, knows where she is—we desperately need to find her.


Monday, December 6:

Place: Whittier Elementary School (gym)
3585 South 6000 West
West Valley City, UT

Time: 6:30-8pm

Event: Storytime

Susan loves her boys more than anything.  They are her universe, and she loved doing things with them and spending time with them.  To celebrate Susan as a mother, we are holding a storytime for families.  Please bring your children, grandchildren, family and friends.  Kids can come in pajamas and bring blankets and pillows if they want.  Cookies and hot chocolate will be provided. 

We will gratefully accept donations at this event of new or gently used books on behalf of the Granite Education Foundation.

Tuesday, December 7:

Place: Hunter Library (Meeting Room)
4740 West 4100 South
West Valley City, UT

Time: 11am-3pm

Event: Flier Distribution

The West Valley Police have developed a new “Missing” flier for Susan, and we are working with them to get the flier posted all over West Valley.  We need you!  Volunteers can come to the library on Tuesday between 11am-3pm, even if you only have half an hour during a lunch break.  We will have fliers and locations to take them. 


Tuesday, December 7:

400 River Road
Puyallup, WA
Time: 6-9pm

Event: Santa Cops

As a testament to Susan’s love of service, Susan’s parents, grandparents and other volunteers will be gathering to support Washington State Santa Cops, a non-profit Susan and her family has have worked with for several years. Volunteers will be wrapping donated gifts, sorting through donated food and preparing orders for local families. On December 16, 2010, local law enforcement officers will deliver groceries, new toys and new clothing to over 125 Puyallup-area families. Volunteers are asked to bring scissors and any NEW toys or clothes they wish to donate.

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After returning from the Good Morning America interview in New York,  Chuck Cox posted this statement to the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook group:

Thank you all for your support. Thanks to the Media for giving us the opportunity to address these blatant falsehoods. Susan was first and foremost a loving mother totally devoted to her marriage and the support of her husband. We know as I am sure everyone realizes she was not perfect but I assure you, it wasn’t due to a lack of effort. Everyone that knew her can attest to her loving, helpful, optimistic attitude.

We appreciate your help, support and confidence in her. We know that the Police are doing everything in their power to resolve this case and bring the guilty to Justice. We will continue to do everything in our power to find Susan.

–Chuck Cox

Hundreds of statements of support for Susan and her family have been posted online since the Salt Lake Tribune interview with Josh and Steve Powell came out last Friday, November 5.  Here are some thoughts from the “Friends and Family” Facebook group:

James wrote:

Dear Chuck and Judy, we know the truth. We know Susan would never leave her children no matter how much trouble there may have been (or not been) in her marriage. I know it’s hard to listen to unfounded accusations, but I hope you will remember the words of one of the ancient prophets, Elisha:  

Fear not: for they that… be with us are more than they that be with them. (2 Kings 6:16)

We love you and continue praying for you, your family and, of course, for Susan.

Trisha wrote about Susan’s family:

I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through after the interview with the Tribune. Nothing but lies, lies, and more lies. Praying for Susan, her boys, her parents, and all of her family and friends.

Candice wrote:

One thing we know for sure: if Susan were to make it home, she would be WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS by her family, friends, community, state, nation, and anyone who knows about this in the world. Recent statements only seem to reflect how two people feel, and not the thousands, possibly millions of others who want to see Susan again.

We won’t give up hope! So many of us are hoping and praying in this hard time.


Anne wrote:

I would like Susan’s family and friends to know that I’m appalled and saddened at the recent rantings in the media by Josh and Steven Powell.

I hope you know that no reasonable person will put any stock whatsoever in anything these two have to say.

I continue to pray for you, for Susan’s sons, and for Susan.

Shirley wrote:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cox. I keep a flyer of your Daughter in my car window. People ask me why I still have it there after so many months have gone by. I tell them I will keep it up until Susan is found.We did that with Elizabeth Smart. Please know that your family are all in my husband and my prayers.

Maurine wrote:

Never Forget, Never Give Up! Keep Hope Alive, you never know what moment a miracle may happen. I pray for that miracle for Susan and her loved ones. Keep your eyes open to what is going on around you.  I keep thinking how her purse and phone were left behind…, that is not the actions of a wife and Mother leaving her home voluntarily. I have to believe someone out there has seen something. Keep Susan’s story and face out there where the public has her face clearly and freshly in their minds. I pray she will be reunited with her children in this life! Somebody knows the answers to her whereabouts, if you know anything, please have the courage to come forward and report what you know to the West Valley Police Dept, it is the right thing to do.

Kate wrote:


The heartbreaking thing is Susan didn’t ask for much. She strived each day to live a peaceful, happy life surrounded by the people she loves most. She isn’t a pushy, demanding person…she just wanted the opportunity to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend she could be…to live her life with grace and integrity, filled with love and joy as she raised her sons into men…I am heartbroken that someone thought she deserved less than everything, that they felt they had the right to dictate the course of Susan’s life, to deny her the God given right to be a mother to her precious sons….

We are here Susan, to be your voice, to be your strength and to be your advocate until we find you and bring you home. We are not going anywhere…11 months is a ridiculous amount of time but if it takes 11 years I will still be here ♥

Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, posted this shortly after the Tribune article was released:

“One more thing, most important: Keep looking.”

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Friday night, the world was shocked when Josh Powell broke his 11-month silence with an inflammatory 6-hour interview with the Salt Lake Tribune’s Nate Carlisle.

Josh and his father Steve Powell made many claims in the Tribune article, including the following:

* They believe that Susan “ran off” with a boyfriend because she is “sexually and financially motivated”

* They believe Susan is “mentally unstable”

* They accuse the Cox family of starting a foundation to help other adult missing persons as a cover to “solicit donations”

As quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune article, Jennifer Graves, Josh Powell’s sister, had this to say about Josh and Steve’s claims:

“They’ve basically accused Susan of being a slut, and it’s offensive to me,” Jennifer Graves said. “She was not. She was frustrated with her marriage.”

Her husband Kirk added, “They need an explanation for why she’s not around.  He can’t say ‘Of course, she’s not around because I killed her.’ ”

The Graves’ told the Salt Lake Tribune that Susan was NOT mentally unstable and that, in fact, it’s the Powell side of the family—Josh and Steve’s side—that have mental issues. 

The article goes on to say:
The irony, the Graveses said, is that one of Josh Powell’s brothers has been diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic. Steve Powell, they said, is a controlling person who often drives the actions of some of his children. With mental illness running in the family, the Graveses wonder if Josh might be the one suffering from it.

The Tribune article has garnered a passionate response all across the world, as online readers weigh in on the subject.  The overwhelming majority of people have spoken in support of Susan, her two little boys, and the Cox and Graves families.  The local and national media also had a swift response.  There are now too many articles and videos to list them all, but here’s a few:

Good Morning America’s report on Sunday, November 7

A report from Seattle’s QFOX13

Statement Analysis goes through the entire Salt Lake Tribune article and highlights disturbing passages with some very thought-provoking discussion

Local Salt Lake City TV station ABC-4 has reaction from the Cox and Graves families

On Monday morning, Chuck and Judy Cox, as well as Jennifer and Kirk Graves, were interviewed in New York City for Good Morning America

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Tuesday, September 7 Susan and her story will be featured on Good Morning America on ABC.  They are doing a series on missing persons this week and spent a few days in Washington and Utah in August, filming for this segment. 

They chose a very good day for this story—tomorrow it will be NINE MONTHS since Susan was ripped away from her home, her children, and everything she knew and loved. 

Susan’s friends and family want to thank GMA, ABC and everyone who worked on this story for keeping Susan in the news!

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