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Last night, news broke in Salt Lake City that a body had been discovered in Tooele County near the small town of Stockton, Utah.

We are still waiting on the official confirmation or ID, but reports are starting to come in from media today that the body may be male and does not appear to be Susan. 

Media reports from early afternoon today:

Salt Lake Tribune


Media reports from last night:

Fox 13


Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune


Every time a body is found, Susan’s family, friends and loved ones…and thousands of people who never knew her personally but have come to love her…go through a difficult mix of fear, hope, worry, and sadness.  No matter whose body this turns out to be, someone has lost a loved one.  And some family out there will finally have answers.

Messages of support and caring continue to pour in on the new Friends and Family of Susan Cox Powell Facebook page.  Here’s a few of them:

“I think about Susan all the time- I never knew her but feel like I do.. My prayers and best wishes always remain with HER family.. I hope for a resolution and closure if that may be.”
–Shalise B.

So many prayers for this family.”
–Deborah F.

Thoughts and prayers for Susan and her family. I still have the flier on my car window. People that see it ask me why do I still have it there. I tell them I will keep it there until Susan is found. It’s the least I can do for her and family and friends.”
–Shirley M.

I hope & pray for everyone to get answers and closure! XOXO!"
–April L.

“Praying for answers for Susan’s family! I miss Susan! May Heavenly Father bless the Cox family with answers, peace, strength, and healing! You are never alone….the Savior is with you always, and so many wonderful angel friends who care deeply for Susan, her boys, and you!

“My thoughts and prayers are with the Cox family and Susan’s boys. As much as I wish she were alive and well, if this new news ends up being her, then it is the closure that so many people need. Dear, Lord please let Susan be found.”
–Andrea T.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half almost and we still don’t know where she is…I say the same thing every day about Stacy Peterson and Lindsey Baum. I pray for all of them every night.
Helen F.

“Oh I pray for you and your family Susan, and your babies. my heart aches for you and your family.”
Samantha A.


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