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This morning on the Today show, Steve Powell, Josh Powell’s father, announced that he plans to publish Susan’s private teenage journals on a new website.

News stories as follows:

Today show video clip


Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

Public sentiment is universally angry about Steve and Josh Powell’s plans.  No matter what Susan’s teen journals say or don’t say, NO ONE has the right to publish her private thoughts and feelings.  Comments on the above-named media sites are a sample of the public’s feelings.  Emotions on Facebook groups and pages are running high today, as well as personal blog posts and Twitter.  A new Facebook page, “Stop Josh Powell from Publishing Susan Cox Powell’s Journals” was started today by persons unknown and is rapidly gaining fans.


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We received word today that NBC’s Today show will air a new piece about Susan tomorrow morning at 7:32 a.m EDT.  This should air locally in U.S. time zones at 7:32 your time.  This post will be updated tomorrow when video becomes available. 

We would like to thank NBC for keeping Susan in the national news media. 

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